Our carbon trading team are accredited carbon emission traders providing particular expertise in trading, spotting and hedging.

With strict quality and audit procedures in place our clients have the piece of mind and up-to-date knowledge of their carbon allowances, including options for emission trading.


Our experts provide technical support in line with the Kyoto Protocol, Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) and the Asia Pacific Partnership (APP). We have direct access to the energy markets and are constantly monitoring the carbon price within the European Energy Exchange (EEX) and ICE Futures. 

Volume Purchase Club

With our ability to purchase carbon units in large quantities we are able to secure and maintain the best carbon price for our clients.  Those operators that only purchase in low volumes are now able to benefit from purchasing carbon units at the same price of a high volume purchaser.

We are currently consulting on a number of Clean Development Mechanisms (CDM) and next generation bio fuel projects, providing our clients with a choice to offset their calculated carbon emissions and to contribute to global climate change mitigation as a carbon neutral partner.


Recently, we have partnered with Mere Plantations Ltd who have developed a large scale carbon sink from tropical hardwood plantations from degraded forest land in Ghana providing ethical values by adopting high quality practices and generating benefits for local communities in a developing nation through REDD+ and it’s protocols.  

Voluntary Offset Units Accrued

In preparation for a global measure and for those operators who wish to voluntary offset their emissions. We are now able to track, deliver and accrue the emission units until such time the operator wishes to retire these against an offsetting standard, such as international flights from ICAO’s Global Market Based Measure, CORSIA or any other type of regulation requiring the same quality of standard.


As a client you will shortly be able to benefit from further services enabling you to purchase, sell or offset carbon emission units online. Our technology will also provide you with the current market price of carbon units via our client online portals and mobile application software.