ICAO CORSIA Resource Centre – Airline CORSIA Compliance Information

The 1st Part of ICAO CORSIA Introduction:-


CORSIA_Seminar_1. Introduction_ver04

The 2nd Part of ICAO CORSIA Seminar. CORSIA emissions coverage and what happens to new Airline entrants:-


CORSIA_Seminar_2. CORSIA and Resolution A39-3 (Part 1)_ver05

The 3rd Part of ICAO CORSIA Seminar. CORSIA baseline calculation and specifics about ICAO’s participating members:-


CORSIA_Seminar_3. CORSIA and Resolution A39-3 (Part 2)_ver06


The 4th Part of ICAO CORSIA Seminar. This cover the essentials for how the Monitoring, Reporting and Verifyings of CORSIA emissions will be conducted:-


CORSIA_Seminar_4. CORSIA MRV System_ver06

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