Under European legislation, it’s now a requirement for aircraft operators to monitor and report their green house gas emission for flights within the European Union. The directive 2008/101/EC of the European Parliament and Council forms the guidelines required to conform to the European Union Emission Trading System (EU ETS). Failure to monitor and report annual emission data could result in financial penalties.The fuel use and emissions calculator is the must have App for small emitters which enables pilots to calculate their emissions as part of their pre or post flight duties.

Incredibly simple and quick to use, the fuel use and emissions calculator has a database of over 8000 global locations and 400 aircraft types.

Guaranteed to reduce time spent manually calculating emission data, this must have App will calculate the Great Circle Distance, Adjusted Distance, Estimated Fuel Use and Estimated CO2 omitted for each sector using algorithms approved by the EU for Eurocontrol. The results are equivalent to algorithms and methodologies currently used by EU ETS. are globally supporting the aviation industry with technical and software solutions for a greener future.