APD Clickpay



Air Passenger Duty (APD) is a UK government excise levied on the carriage of air passengers, applicable to both commercial and private classes of air travel irrespective to whether the flight is operated for remuneration or reward. Initially introduced in 1994 for scheduled airlines, Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC) extended the scope of compliance to business aviation operators in April 2013. 

APD Clickpay software and has been developed for internationally use, to allow pilots, aircraft operators and handling companies (FBO’s) to report and pay APD using an online payment platform. Available on the web site or mobile device, it offers a quick and simple payment solution by automatically calculating APD, electronically generating and filing HMRC forms and storing electronic payment receipts to comply with HMRC regulations.

The UK government require aircraft operators to pay their APD within 7 days of a flight operating from a UK airport. Under normal conditions, HMRC require the operator to:

  1. Contact the HMRC APD office in the UK and request a reference number
  2. Manually calculate the APD due.
  3. Download and manually complete the relevant HMRC APD form each time a flight is operated.
  4. Make payment via bank transfer or cheque in GBP
  5. Mail all associated documentation to HMRC’s APD office in Southend, UK

For more information on APD Clickpay contact us at apd@ets.aero